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Turquoised Browed Motmot, the National Bird of El Salvador

The Turquoised Browed Motmot, also known as the Torogoz, is a stunning bird that holds great significance in El Salvador. With its vibrant plumage and unique characteristics, it has become a symbol of national pride and is revered by both locals and visitors. In this article, we will explore the description of this magnificent bird, the habitats in El Salvador where it can be found, and delve into the captivating Salvadoran folklore surrounding the Turquoised Browed Motmot.

Description of the Turquoised Browed Motmot

With its striking plumage and long, broad tail, the Turquoised Browed Motmot is a sight to behold. This medium-sized bird measures around 34 centimeters in length and weighs about 65 grams. Its plumage is a stunning combination of vibrant blue and green, with a turquoise-colored brow and a black mask that runs from its eyes to its throat. The tail feathers are elongated and feature a racquet-like tip, known as "motmot" feathers. These unique feathers are often displayed during courtship rituals or territorial displays, where the bird waves its tail back and forth.

Habitats in El Salvador where the Turquoised Browed Motmot can be found

The Turquoised Browed Motmot is endemic to Central America and can be found in various habitats across El Salvador. It is most commonly found in tropical and subtropical moist forests, particularly in areas with dense foliage and canopy cover. This bird prefers to reside near water sources such as rivers, streams, or even human-made water features. It can also be spotted in secondary forests, coffee plantations, and even gardens. El Imposible National Park, Montecristo Cloud Forest, and the San Miguel Volcano are some of the prime locations where the Turquoised Browed Motmot can be observed in El Salvador.

Salvadoran folklore about the Turquoised Browed Motmot

The Turquoised Browed Motmot holds a special place in Salvadoran folklore and cultural traditions. According to legend, the bird was once dull and plain, lacking its vibrant colors. However, when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in El Salvador, the Motmot saw the beauty of the land and its people. In awe, it plucked the turquoise feathers from its brow and attached them to its own, transforming into the magnificent bird we know today. Salvadorans believe that the Turquoised Browed Motmot is a messenger of good fortune and a symbol of hope. It is often associated with joy, harmony, and protection, and its image can be found in various forms of art and craftwork throughout the country.

The Turquoised Browed Motmot, with its striking appearance and cultural significance, is undeniably the pride of El Salvador. Found in the lush forests and diverse landscapes of this Central American country, it captivates both locals and tourists alike. Its beauty and folklore continue to inspire Salvadorans, reminding them of the rich natural heritage they hold dear. Whether it’s its vibrant plumage, its presence in specific habitats, or its role in the country’s folklore, the Turquoised Browed Motmot remains an iconic symbol of El Salvador’s natural beauty and cultural traditions.

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